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Bobby's Cabin: is now available!
With one queen bed and 2 full bathrooms.
Bobby's is perfect for a couples get-away.
We require a 2-night minimum, at $195 per night + tax. After a 2-night stay you may add additional nights for a discounted price call to get more information.
We have more appropriate cabins for families with children.
We love pets much as you do, but pets are NOT allowed in any of our cabins or rooms, pets more than welcomed in your tents or trailers.

Hangar Apartment

Our "Hangar Apartment": sleeps 3 to 4 and also includes a full bath with lots of space. Rents for $145 per night + tax (a shared kitchen is available).

Weatherford Double A-Frame: With a queen bed, extra space/room for a few sleeping bags and full bath. This cabin has everything you will need to enjoy your stay at Lands Inn. BBQ and outdoor sink. If you fly in, you will only be 10 feet from your airplane. Rate is $125 per night + tax.

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Single A Frame Cabin:  There are 3 single A-Frame cabins. They are only rented during the warmer months because they are not heated and the bathroom/shower is at the back of the hangar along with a shared full kitchen. Our little A-Frames are unique accommodations. Rate is $75 + tax per night, Monthly, $395.
Our A-Frame cabins are normally reserved for the seasonal National Park employees, call for availability.

Tent Camping: Tent camping is a very affordable way to stay the night and experience Lands Inn. Rate is $35 per night, per tent/per car. Cash or check. Campers share a shower facility in our grain bin with flush toilets! An outside sink is also available.
Please be a responsible pet parent - dogs are welcome, but please pick up after them and keep them on a leash and close to you at all times. We have pet chickens and kitty cats roaming freely and do not want them hurt by your pet. We also do not want your pet injured by predators or barking all night. We also request you remove all trash that you brought in.

Breakfast: Fly-In breakfasts are available ONLY if prior arrangements have been made. Please call far in advance to make arrangements.
We can accommodate groups of 5 or more.
Call for menu choices and pricing.

Reservations are required

If we are not hosting a Wedding, Family Reunion, Church Group, Fly-In or Group Event, you will probably be our only guest.

If you plan on staying at Lands Inn for more than one night,
you will most likely be staying in the the Weatherford Double A-Frame Cabin.

If you prefer a small cozy room, we may put you up in one of the single A-frames.
And if you would like to camp, there are camping facilities available (showers, toilets, and outside sink).