Land's Inn Runway & Information Freq. 122.9

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Land's Inn Airport Information

Synopsis of Land's Inn Airport Operational Rules....

    The procedures to be used at the Lands Inn Airport are those procedures set forth in the Federal Aviation Regulations (flFARsfl) for operation at any small airport. If there is any conflict between the FARs and any current or future procedures established at the Lands Inn Airport, the federal regulations obviously take precedence.

    Guests are responsible for tying down their airplanes in a safe location. No aircraft shall be parked on the landing strip or any taxi-way.

    All users shall personally inspect the runway before each use and determine for themselves if the runway condition is safe for the type of airplane involved to land or take off. Each user and anyone accompanying a user of the airport ASSUMES ALL RISKS inherent in landing or taking off at such an unattended facility. Lands Inn landing procedure is to use Right hand traffic when landing to the South and Left hand traffic landing to the North. This is not mandatory, but is a good practice to avoid the terrain. Also, see the airport pictures. Generally take offs are to the North depending on wind conditions. It is always the Pilot In Command's responsibility to determine if unsafe flight conditions exist and to take appropriate action to avoid unsafe conditions. All radio equipped aircraft shall announce their presence when entering the downwind leg of the pattern on 122.9 Feq. Also, radio equipped aircraft shall announce their departure prior to rolling onto the active runway on the same frequency.


Land's Inn airport is a PRIVATE USE ONLY facility.

NOTE: Check to make sure your insurance covers you landing at a sod strip. MOST DO NOT.

Land's Inn • 45457 Dick Creek Lane • Kimberly, Oregon Any Questions: 541-934-2333 (before 8pm)